Current Everyday Essentials

For my second post, I wanted to share my everyday essentials that I am currently loving ! My essentials keep changing from time to time depending on the seasons. Since it is still winter in New York, these products are a necessity ! I want to keep this post brief and to the point, so below are the list of the products I use.

 The Body Shop : Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter – Super buttery, smells like roses and leaves my skin soft throughout the day.

Maybelline : Baby Lips – Definitely a must have in my daily routine. It helps me beat my chapped lips during the winter. And this has a hint of color which I love.

The Body Shop : Honeymania Hand Cream – I work all day, I cook and do all the house chores which leaves my hands dry. This hand cream keeps my hands soft, moisturized and it smells amazing !

Bath and Body Works : Cozy Vanilla Cream Hand Gel – I have an OCD for cleanliness, and I simply cannot step out of my house without a hand sanitizer. There are several of them in the market, but I love the different range of hand gels from Bath and Body Works

Lush : Celestial Facial Moisturizer – I have a combination skin, under my eyes tend to be  oily, and around my mouth I usually have dry patches. This moisturizer definitely helps me in getting rid of my dry patches. It is thick in consistency, so you only need the tiniest bit.

Thanks for reading my post ! Comment below and share your thoughts.


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