FabFitFun Spring Box Review

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to my bog! It’s been a long time since I posted anything, but it was one of those weeks where I had so much work to finish, assignments and other personal things to deal with. So I had to put the blog post on the back burner for a while. Nevertheless, it gave me more time to review all the products in the Fabfitfun box.

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For those who are not aware of the Fabfitfun box, it is a seasonal subscription box that includes various beauty, fitness, skincare and other products for only $49.99. Visit their website for more information (FabFitFun). I came across this box on Instagram and it was very intriguing, so I decided to order one for myself and review it for you all.

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Items in the box 

  • KARUNA Face Mask – This face mask helps in hydrating and deep-conditioning your skin. There are 4 masks in the box, and they recommend to use it once a week. I have used 2 so far, and I do see a difference. My skin is not too dry and I see a glow in my face after I use the mask. Only complain, I wish this mask was smaller to fit my tiny face 😀 but overall I really like this mask, and I am looking to purchase another one. This product retails for $28 for a box of 4 and single sheets retails for $8. They have other masks for Clarifying, age-defying, brightening to name a few and they are available in Sephora.


  • REALHER Lipkit – This company is an all natural, cruelty free makeup brand. Do read the story behind the brand on their website, it’s very inspiring. The product comes with a liquid lipstick, a lip liner and a gloss. I honestly never heard of this company, and I was skeptical in the beginning. But OMG, the liquid lipstick formula is absolutely amazing. I wore this for almost 8 hours and it stayed put. It doesn’t budge, doesn’t need to be reapplied and the best part is, it doesn’t dry my lips. The lip liner along with the liquid lipstick is a great combination. I am not a big fan of gloss, but for the purpose of this review I wore it once. It does seem comfortable on my lips and it’s not sticky. This product retails for $48 and they have other makeup products like eyeshadows, lipsticks etc.


  • GYPSY 05 Roundie – This product is definitely one of my favorites in the box. The roundie is perfect for picnics, chilling in the beach, or even hang it on the wall in your room. This product retails for $50.


  • BRIOGEO Leave-In Conditioner – Another amazing product that I absolutely loved, is the leave-in conditioning spray from Briogeo. This is a lightweight spray that helps improve softening, strengthening and moisture levels all while protecting your hair from heat. It definitely does what it claims to do, and it smells incredible. All you need to do is spray this on dampen hair concentrating on the roots and you’re good to go. It’s available in Sephora and retails for $20.


  • DEBORAH LIPPMANN Nail Polish Set – This nail polish set is one of the products that I am not a big fan of. It applies very sheer and adding 3 coats just didn’t do it. I am not sure why these nail polishes didn’t work for me, because I have heard great reviews about it. Maybe it’s just the colors, but either ways this is one product that I was not happy with. They’re a mini nail polish set of 2, retails for $19 and available in Sephora.


  • MILLY Zip Pouch – This is a simple all purpose zip pouch. It is mainly advocated to carry swim suits as it is water resistant. But I have been using this as my makeup pouch and I love it. That is all there is to say about this product. You can use it for different purposes and believe it or not, it retails for $45. So I am very happy that I got this in the spring box.


  • LUV AJ Earring Set – This set comes with 2 different earrings. It claims to be made of 14k rose gold and sparkling stones, but it looks exactly opposite to that. I feel like it’s made of a cheap quality material and did not look like it retails for $85. I was highly disappointed with this product, and I don’t think I will ever purchase it individually.


  • DR.BRANDT Age Defying Exfoliator – I’ve heard such good reviews on this brand, so I was really excited to try it out. It’s meant to polish away dead cells and leave your skin looking bright, smooth and healthy-looking. I’ve been using this product for over 2 weeks and it does exactly what it says. They retail for $79, so it is such a steal to have this product in the box.


  • NATURE’S BOUNTY Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies – This is bonus product that comes with the box. It is a biotin based  dietary supplement that helps strengthen your nails, skin and hair. I’ve not seen any drastic changes yet, but I guess time will tell, so I will keep you guys updated on whether or not this product works.


I gave my honest opinion on all of the products. There were only two products that I was not very happy with, but overall this box really impressed me and I will definitely purchase it again. I think the best part of this box is that you get to use different products on a trial basis, and depending on whether or not you like it, you can purchase the product again. Finally, who wouldn’t want a $300 or more retail value box for only $49.99?

If you guys liked this review, and I somehow convinced you to get a box for yourself, then you can follow this link to get $10 off with the code “SPRINGTIME” on your spring box purchase.I will be back soon with a Summer look blog post, so follow me on my Instagram to get more updates 🙂




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