The Mint Julep Boutique Collab

Hello my lovely readers!

I am back with a new post and I am reviewing products from a store that I discovered a while back. I have been following The Mint Julep Boutique for a long time and I have seen their clothes on a lot of bloggers that I follow. They have an amazing collection of dresses, tops, shoes and more. Naturally, I was super excited when they sent me one of their sweaters.


This pretty pink ruffle sweater  is perfect for the fall and winter. I loved styling it with a basic blue denim and some tan shoes as the sweater jazzes up the whole look. The ruffle trend is taking over and they have clearly caught up to sweaters as well, and Mint boutique has one of the best ruffle sweaters I have seen. It retails for only $40 and the quality is amazing!

I highly recommend checking out their website – The Mint Julep Boutique for a wide variety of clothes. Their clothing line is one which is affordable and anybody can pull of their pieces. I hope you guys liked this post! Be sure to head to my Instagram for more outfit inspos.

Love. Chethana Moova.



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